Grey Days 2024

Grey Days 2024

New Balance Celebrates Grey Days Throughout May, Honoring Its Timeless Signature Color and Brand Legacy

New Balance is celebrating its signature colour, Grey, throughout May by showcasing both new and classic designs. Introduced in the 1980s with careful consideration for performance, Grey stood out for its unique look and perfect fit with urban environments. Over time, Grey running shoes became popular everywhere, embodying New Balance’s enduring quality and style despite evolving with new technologies and materials.

What is Grey Days

Grey originates from our performance heritage, initially created to address the practical needs of city runners who wanted an alternative to their easily dirtied white shoes. Since the late 70s, grey has evolved into a significant cultural symbol, influencing consumers in various ways. From high-end Made in USA products to more affordable options like the 574, grey has manifested in many forms, transcending sports and culture to become a mark of good taste. The Grey Days film delves into this evolution

On May 10, in honor of Grey, the brand will debut a short film called "Grey Days" that celebrates New Balance's significant influence on global sneaker culture, from sports to street style and beyond. This film not only highlights what Grey signifies for us as a brand but also its importance to New Balance consumers. It pays tribute to the sub-cultural fans who have supported our brand and the iconic Grey for generations.


The Grey Days 2024 Collection will be available on May 17th & May 20th,2024.

May 15, 2024
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